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Lend a hand.

Citizens Committee's corporate volunteer days are a great way to show your company’s love for its city while strengthening bonds among staff. From painting school murals to harvesting the season’s crop on urban farms, volunteers do rewarding work, all of which:

  • Facilitate collaboration and cooperation
  • Amplify corporate commitment to NYC communities
  • Provide excellent photo and media opportunities
  • Offer unique opportunities to help transform a community

For more information about organizing a volunteer day for your company, please contact: 

Andrew Rohrberger at
or 212-822-9555

New yorkers at work

The best thing about volunteering with Citizens is seeing a neighborhood or a school transform before your eyes - and knowing that you helped make it happen.

Chris Ruggeri

Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

Volunteering at CA is a huge part of our culture, and working with Citizens Committee was rewarding for us on so many levels: we teamed up with local school children to help build one of NYC's first urban farms and had a great time while helping improve their community and raising environmental awareness.

Erica Christensen

Director, Community Affairs
CA Technologies

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