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In 2015, your support helped us award $1.6 million in grants and support to 367 projects in 118 neighborhoods.
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Our mission is simple: to help New Yorkers—especially those in low-income areas—come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. 

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Arts & Culture


Staten Island

Napela is organizing a community-driven summer program for young immigrants living in the neighborhood to learn traditional dances, drumming, stories, and songs.


Chenchita's Community Garden

East Harlem

Chenchitas Community Garden is improving their compost system in order to take in more food scraps from their community.

Arts & Culture

Citizens Against Recidivism


Citizens Against Recidivism is providing free after-school arts programming for youth at risk of delinquency and criminal justice involvement.

In 2015, Citizens Committee...

Awarded $1.6 million in grants and support. 

Worked in every borough & in 118 different neighborhoods.

Mobilized more than 7,340 NYC residents.

Supported 367 grassroots projects.

343 generous donors and partners made this possible.

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Jan 23 12:00
Jan 28 11:00

Neighborhood Leadership Institute: Basics of Community Organizing

Bring neighbors together to work on issues that matter to you.

Jan 30 6:00

To Be or Not To Be a 501(c)3?

This workshop will help you determine if establishing a formal nonprofit is the right decision for your all-volunteer community group. 

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